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Dispergo Vaping is home to some of the best vape starter kits in the UK, allowing you to use your vape straight out of the box. Whether you’re just starting out on your vaping journey or just prefer the hassle-free approach, we’ve got the best starter vape kits for optimised convenience and efficiency.


Aspire Vape Pen Starter Kits

Aspire is just one of the many brands offered on the Dispergo Vaping online store, and with every starter kit purchase, we offer a free 10ml nic salt. The brand prides itself on being the global leader, always going above and beyond performance expectations and consistently innovating the industry.

ElfBar Vaping Starter Kits

ElfBar sits among the most popular vaping starter kits due to their unmatched convenience, fruity flavours, and ease of use. The brand was established to develop healthier and better products to help people quit smoking and make the vaping experience more enjoyable. In fact, it’s constantly undergoing development to move towards more natural tastes and smarter coils.

GeekVape Starter Kits

The GeekVape starter kit offered by Dispergo Vaping is the One Kit Pod Vape Kit, an attractive mouth-to-lung kit featuring an easy-to-change pod system. As a result, users don’t have to fiddle around with changing coils, and the model boasts two firing modes (press to fire and auto draw).

Innokin Starter Kits

At Dispergo Vaping, we supply Innokin’s EQ FLTR Pod Vape Kit, which boasts a revolutionary design. The inhale activation mimics the smoking experience, allowing users to obtain the satisfaction of a nicotine hit without all the nasty chemicals. Moreover, the coil replacement couldn’t be easier, allowing for a stress-free experience.

OXVA Starter Kits

You can rest assured that OXVA vapes are robust, reliable, and crafted by individuals with a passion for the industry from the brand name alone. OXVA consists of OX (a reliable and powerful working animal) and VA (the first half of vape), and these connotations are expressed through the brand’s products’ performance.

UWELL Starter Kits

UWELL presents some of the most convenient vaping solutions, as it keeps user experience at the forefront. Meanwhile, the brand is constantly making technical strides, thanks to its passion for innovation. With high-quality vaping solutions such as these comes a better quality of life, as cigarettes are eliminated from the user’s day-to-day.

Vaporesso Starter Kits

In a mission to establish a smoke-free world, Vaporesso was developed. Vaporesso products are among the most versatile vaping solutions, providing products that suit every vaping level and style. This focus on diverse solutions stems from a desire to eliminate cigarettes on a global scale and help as many people as possible.

VooPoo Starter Kits

VooPoo prides itself on its unique multi-analysis technology that supports an array of smart functions, including power management, mode switching, temperature, and power control. As a result, VooPoo has become the chip leader in the vape industry thanks to its ongoing innovation to optimise the vaping experience on a global scale.

Vape Starter Kits Near Me

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