When you place your order, you will be assigned an order number… If that number ends in a 5, we will DOUBLE all dispergo eliquids in your order absolutely FREE! All Dispergo eliquids on this website are marked with the “DSG” logo in the top left-hand corner.

You get more when you shop with Dispergo! Get a free 50ml Jack Rabbit, Rachael Rabbit or Cyber Rabbit with mods & kits, and a free 10ml Nicotine salt with all MTL devices. If you have a preference of flavour from these brands just write it in the comments in the checkout.

Dispergo is different. We want you to be able to vape only juice you love, that’s why we have created the Dispergo Satisfaction Guarantee. This means if you don’t like your Dispergo juice you can send it back for something else totally free! See below for full details & terms.

DSG Returns how it works

If you’re unhappy with your Dispergo eliquid purchase, the Dispergo Satisfaction Guarantee allows you to return any Dispergo manufactured eliquid you are not happy with and exchange it for something else free of charge! With every package we send out, we also send you a Royal Mail pre-paid postage label to make it even easier. This offer applies to every product marked with the DSG logo on our website, take a look at the steps below for a full breakdown of how it works…

1. Not happy?

Don’t worry we got you! If you’ve tried your juice and don’t like it, then you can exchange it as long as these requirements are met:

  • You return it within 14 days
  • You’ve only taken one tank from the bottle (2ml)

You do not have to return nicotine shot bottles.1


Fill out the form on your dispatch note (supplied with your order), and we’ll use your feedback to improve our products.2


Pack the juice back in the jiffy back it came in please include the filled out dispatch note. And affix the included pre-paid returns label.


Drop it off at any Post Office nationwide.


Once we recieve your return, we will process it, providing we have your chosen juice instock we’ll dispatch within 24 hours (Monday – Friday).3


Vape and be merry! …If on the off chance you still don’t like your juice, get in touch and one of or mixologists will be able to guide you to something you truly love.

1. You can have up to the following amount left in each bottle type to make a valid return:

  • For 10ml nicotine salts, at least 7.5ml must remain in the bottle.
  • For 50ml shortfills, at least 50ml must remain in the bottle (50ml + 10ml nicotine shot).
  • For 100ml shortfills, at least 110ml must remain in the bottle (100ml + 20ml nicotine shots)

2. We require you to fill out reason codes (instructions on the second page of the dispatch note) and provide feedback. This helps us to develop our products for you.

3. Your exchanged products will not be supplied with a returns label. Usual time for your replacement products to be delivered to you will be 4 days, but may take a little longer (48hours return + 24 hours processing + 24hours dispatch), if returned over a weekend, holiday or exceptional circumstances (such as the COVID pandemic) delivery will take longer.

Terms and conditions

The Dispergo Satisfaction Guarantee is offered on a good-faith basis, we reserve the right to change, amend or withdraw this offer at any time, for any reason at our discretion.