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Fancy Fruits Vape Liquid

For the best fruity vape juice of 2022, explore the Fancy Fruits e-liquid range at Dispergo Vaping. Known for its initial icy hit, this seriously fruity vape juice is a favorite among novice and experienced vapers alike.

This vape liquid range offers five delicious flavors, each described below. Discover more about the range with Dispergo Vaping.


Purple Moreto Grape with Aloe Vera

Smooth and sweet, this flavor combines the taste of vine-ripened grapes with a soothing aloe finish. Ideal for those seeking an exciting yet calming vape experience.

Morello Cherry with Cranberry & Kumquat

A divine blend of candied cherry, cranberry, and kumquat, creating a delightfully balanced flavor with both sweetness and sharpness.

Alphonso Mango with Pineapple & Orange

Transport yourself to tropical shores with this blend of juicy mango, exotic pineapple, and smooth orange. Perfect for lovers of distinctive tropical flavors.

Albion Strawberry with Pink Grapefruit

Combining the taste of succulent strawberries with sharp grapefruit, this shortfill offers a beautifully balanced flavor with a touch of British flair.

Heritage Sour Raspberry with Acai & Blueberry

For those who enjoy a juicy bite, this flavor features sour raspberry, rich acai, and deliciously ripe blueberry for a perfectly balanced taste.

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