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Geekvape at Dispergo Vaping

Geekvape is an innovative technology company dedicated to optimizing the user experience in the vaping industry. Dispergo Vaping distributes Geekvape replacement parts across the UK, contributing to a healthier vaping experience for our customers.


Geekvape Coils

The coil is a replaceable element of a vape kit that converts power into heat, vaporizing the e-liquid. From MTL (mouth-to-lung) to sub-ohm coils, our Geekvape collection caters to all vapers. Whether you prefer a long-term solution or a quick disposable fix, find the right Geekvape coil on the Dispergo Vaping online store.

Geekvape Mods

The mod houses the vape’s battery, making a quality solution essential. Dispergo Vaping and Geekvape prioritize quality, crucial for protecting the component that heats and vaporizes the e-liquid. Without this function, the vape couldn’t perform its key role.

Geekvape Pods

Vape pods are convenient solutions, and our Geekvape pod replacement, the Aegis One Pod Replacement Pod Pack, contains three replacement pods. Designed for use with 50/50 e-liquid, these pods keep your vape going strong.

Geekvape Tanks

The tank houses the e-liquid, allowing it to soak into the wick connected to the coil. When in use, the coil heats up and vaporizes the liquid absorbed by the wick. The tank’s role is to replenish the wick until the e-liquid needs replacement.

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