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Can I take disposable vapes to a festival in 2023?


Glastonbury Festival has recently announced that Disposable Vapes are on the official ‘what not to bring’ list. Meaning you should not bring Disposable Vapes to Glastonbury Festival. We are yet to hear from other popular festivals, however other festivals could follow suit, to help our environment.

You may be wondering what to do instead of bringing your favourite disposable vapes to Festivals this year, and we have the perfect solution: A re-usable vape! For a simple, cost-effective way to replace your disposable vapes, is to grab yourself a Disposable Quit Kit.

The kit is a full vape kit comprising of a re-chargeable device with 4 pods, which just need re-filling with e-liquid, throughout your weekend at the UK’s biggest Music Festival. One of the pods will comfortably last you the entire festival. In the kit you will receive 3 bottles of Elfbar E-liquid, which will last you far beyond a weekend. The Elfliq e-liquids are made by Elf Bar, and are the exact flavours that you find in your favourite Disposable Vapes.

The battery should last a full day, if not longer, depending on how much you use it. Better yet the device is fully charged in 20 minutes, meaning if you will be taking a portable charger with you, it won’t take up much of the battery! Glastonbury festival is offering free phone charging for all, kindly offered by Vodafone, meaning only a small portable charger will be needed to charge your re-usable vape.

A re-usable vape is much more environmentally friendly, and you can continue to use it beyond the festival, saving the environment, and your money!



If you are looking for a longer lasting battery in a vape, a Vaporesso Luxe XR Max Kit will provide you with up to 3 days of vaping on one full charge, boasting a huge 2800mAh battery which is ideal if you are worried about the battery lasting! With the Luxe XR Max purchased from Dispergo, you will receive a free bottle of e-liquid which will last you the festival weekend.

It is best to use this device at low wattages with a high resistance pod, to ensure the battery lasts a long as possible. Again, this device will last you infinitely longer than just the weekend and you can continue using it by just replacing the pods/coils and e-liquid.

Why has Glastonbury banned Disposable Vapes?

In the last year the environmental impact of Disposable vapes has caused concern for UK with ITV News claiming 1.3 million disposable vapes are being put into land fill every week. The impact of this is much less than ideal. Glastonbury Festival has stated that Lithium batteries, that are commonly used as the main component in Disposable Vapes, ‘pollute the environment and can be hazardous at waste centres’ in which, when disposable vapes aren’t disposed of in the correct way, can cause issues.

No one wants to see hundreds of disposable vapes thrown on the floor at the biggest music festival in the UK, so choosing a re-usable vape is the best solution to stay smoke-free this summer.

If you have any questions about the vape kits please get in contact with us via the live chat, email or phone. We are always happy to help!