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Why switching to vaping could be the best Christmas present you ever give 

For that one person in your life who just can’t quit smoking

We all know someone who smokes, and who wants to give up, has tried to give up more times than they can count, but who just can’t. 

Most people who smoke started when they were young. They tried their first cigarette because it seemed cool, they gave into peer pressure, or took up the habit to relieve stress or boredom. If they had siblings or parents who smoked, it may have seemed the most natural thing in the world to do. 

Half of the people who try one cigarette will go on to become regular smokers, because once you start the resulting addiction to nicotine makes it hard to stop. Public Health England reports that around 60% of smokers in the UK want to quit. That’s good in some ways, but some people find it harder than others to even know where to begin. 

So here’s your chance to help them out, by introducing them to the wonderful world of vaping!

They may have dabbled in vaping in the past or thought about taking the leap but haven’t had the information or equipment they need to get started. Others might be afraid to take their first steps, or felt a bit intimidated by the whole experience, or may have been put off by the number of false scare stories that proliferate about vaping. 

You can try telling them why you started vaping, and how much it has helped you. Maybe you can explain that vaping has come on in leaps and bounds over the years and has gone mainstream. That new coils, batteries and tanks are making the vaping experience more customisable than ever before. That there are vaping expos, conventions, and “cloud chasing”. That they will become part of a community that is nothing short of remarkable. 

A healthier alternative to smoking

Then just before their eyes start to glaze over and they reach for another ciggie, present them with their first ever vape starter kit, including a few different e-liquids so they can try them all and figure out what flavours they like.

If they look at you in frustration because they’re worried about loss of the nicotine “hit”, you can show them our range of nicotine e-liquids and explain how they’ll get 100% control over what levels of nicotine they vape, perhaps starting with one that’s a slightly lower concentration than their favourite brand of cigarettes? This, you say, offers full control over their ability to manage their nicotine withdrawal safely and steadily, instead of the “all or nothing” approach of smoking a cigarette.

Then of course they may start mourning the demise of their routine. The habitual “sparking up”, the after-work smoke, the morning coffee ciggie, the final drag before they turn in for the night. That’s when you explain that vaping helps to break these engrained habits, while still giving their body access to the thing it craves – nicotine. With the added bonus that their lungs aren’t getting clogged up with toxic chemicals and their clothes won’t reek of tobacco. 

Okay so we’re asking a lot of you here, and we don’t seriously expect you to turn into a vaping sales expert on our behalf or be a vape bore. And just turning up on Christmas Eve to surprise a smoker with a vape kit who has never considered vaping before could come across as a little passive aggressive.

But if someone has expressed an interest in your vaping journey, or is already a vaper, vaping accessories or flavoured e-liquids could make a great gift.

Take a look at our store for some ideas and if you have any questions just get in touch

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