The Dispergo Beginner’s Guide to Vaping

Want to give e-cigarettes a try but don’t know where to start? Our vaping guide tells you all you need to know!

Mods, tanks, e-cigs, e-liquids …. what do they all mean? If you’re new to vaping but have been scratching your head over the terminology, never fear because we’re here to demystify the world of e-cigarettes for you! 

Your first puffs on an e-cigarette will influence how you feel about vaping for the long term, so it’s important to be ready for this new and exciting world. In this blog we’re going to cover the basics of the various types of hardware that are available, what e-liquids are and what they do. If you have any questions then please get in touch and we’ll be happy to answer them for you. 

Different types of vaping equipment – E-cigarettes

What’s an e-cigarette?

An e-cigarette is a device that heats e-liquid, turning it into vapour, which delivers nicotine and flavours. E-cigarettes were designed to help smokers transition from cigarettes and have helped millions of people around the world give up smoking. 

Your smoking habits will dictate what type of e-cigarette you need. If you are a heavy smoker, your vaping device will need a long battery life and good nicotine delivery. Many vapes mimic the feeling of smoking a cigarette with tight airflow draw and vapour heat, optimised for higher nicotine e-liquids, which are generally advised for new vapers. The amount of power used in these vapes is usually lower, offering an experience similar to smoking.

Vaping allows you to inhale nicotine by heating the e-liquid to produce vapour. This satisfies the nicotine cravings, but also mimics the sensation of smoking, by providing a “throat hit” that many smokers have become accustomed to. 

E-cigarette hardware

At Dispergo you can choose from four main categories of e-cig hardware:

  1. Starter Kits & MTL (Mouth to Lung)
  2. Mod kits
  3. Full kits
  4. Disposables

Starter Kits & MTL

A vape starter kit is basically designed to give you everything you need to try vaping for the first time. Your vape will come with a battery, a coil, a tank and a mouthpiece (which are the four main parts of any vaping device). All our Starter Kits are MTL (mouth-to-lung) devices. New vapers prefer an MTL style of vaping because it most closely resembles the way in which most people smoke a cigarette: the vapour from the e-cigarette is inhaled into the mouth, then into the lungs. They are also one of the most compact types of e-cigs (i.e. easily portable) and one of the cheaper options, making them ideal for beginner vapers. 

Mod Kits

A mod is basically a vape term for a “modified” vaping device, you may also see them referred to as box mod kits. They usually come with small tanks (for the e-liquid) and coils (to heat the liquid) and you’ll also need a separate battery or charger – all of which are replaceable when they wear out or get damaged. Although mods are simple to use they’re mostly preferred by experienced vapers because you can adapt (or modify) the various components of the kit to suit the type of vaping experience you’re looking for. 

Full Kits

As the name suggests full kits provide practically everything you need in one place. Dispergo’s full vape kits include a battery, a tank, a drip-tip (or mouthpiece), and one or more coils with various resistance levels. With us you can also choose one free bottle of e-liquid. Vape kits are also a budget-friendly option for beginner vapers because they help you learn the basics. They don’t allow for as much customisation as vape mods which is great because you won’t get too overwhelmed by the options. 


Disposable vape pens (or disposable e-cigs) are just like regular e-cigarettes, only a bit smaller and designed to be used just once. They consist of an internal battery, a pre-filled tank, and a coil. Unlike the other types of kit mentioned above they cannot be recharged or refilled. Each device is a single-use product, meaning when the e-liquid has run out the device is then discarded and cannot be reused. They are also ideal for beginner vapers because you won’t need to be so “invested” in vaping with bigger kits. Plus they’re great if you’re going travelling since their compact size makes them easy to carry, and once you’ve used them up you won’t need to bring them home with you again!

Different types of vaping equipment – E-Liquids

What’s an e-liquid?

E-liquid (sometimes called vape juice) is comprised of three or four ingredients. Propylene glycol (or PG for short), vegetable glycerine (VG), flavouring – and if you choose it – nicotine. This is the liquid that you pour into your vape kit that is then heated up to become vapour and each ingredient plays an important part in your vaping experience. When you buy an e-liquid you can often choose different levels of each ingredient depending on what effect you’re going for. 

Your enjoyment of your chosen e-liquid will depend largely on the flavour but also on the PG/VG ratio. Let’s break that down for you:-

What is PG or Propylene Glycol?

Propylene Glycol is used as a flavouring carrier in food products, as an ingredient in food colouring and also used as an additive in various medicines. PG provides the “throat” hit sensation and is thinner in consistency than Vegetable Glycerine. A higher PG ratio means more taste but thinner vapour clouds. 

What is VG or Vegetable Glycerine?

Vegetable Glycerine is a sweet, vegetable-based liquid. VG provides the vapour production which simulates smoke and is thicker than Propylene Glycol. The more VG in an e-liquid, the smoother it will be to vape. A higher ratio of VG means bigger vapour clouds but less taste. 

Both PG and VG are non-toxic and completely safe for human consumption.

The ratio of VG to PG in an e-liquid sets the viscosity of the liquid and as such the temperature needed to vaporise it. It also determines the most suitable tanks and coils to vape with. This ratio can also decide how intense the physical sensation of inhaling will be. You’ll want to experiment a bit and try different ratios to work out what’s best for your vaping palate but we recommend trying a 50/50 PG/VG ratio to start with until you get used to the sensation. 

E-Liquid flavours

There are literally thousands of different e-liquids out there and for many vapers that’s all part of the fun! With vaping it’s all about the taste and at Dispergo we offer dozens of e-liquids in 11 different flavour profiles, from desserts to fruits to florals to sweets. Your initial choices may be based on your favourite foods or drinks but we’re confident that once you get the hang of things you’ll be branching out into new taste sensations!

If you are moving from smoking to vaping we recommend looking at our tobacco flavour profiles. Tobacco e-liquids will not taste exactly the same as smoking, they are actually much nicer because you won’t get that burnt taste. Plus as vaping is not smoking, you’re not burning dangerous chemicals. 


Depending on your previous smoking habits, choosing the right nicotine strength in your e-liquid is essential to enjoying a satisfying vaping experience. One of the options with e-liquids – and one which makes them so perfect for anyone wishing to give up smoking – is that you can vary the level of nicotine in your e-juice. The best way to work out what nicotine strength you need is by looking at how many cigarettes you smoke in a day. If you are a heavy smoker then we would recommend purchasing e-liquids with a higher nicotine strength. If you are a light smoker then it is best to go for a lower nicotine strength, then if you find that it isn’t resolving your nicotine cravings you can try a higher strength. The same logic applies to if you think the e-liquid has too much nicotine, you can reduce it. Ultimately you could move onto nicotine-free juices – and celebrate that you’ve finally kicked the habit!

This has been a very brief tour of the world of vaping but we hope it’s given you a good idea of the basics. Our Customer Service team are always happy to answer any queries – there’s no such thing as a stupid question! – so please contact us by calling 01993 627 341 during normal office hours, emailing, or filling in the form on our Contact page. 

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