Looking after your e-liquids: a guide for newbie vapers

Whatever your reasons for taking up vaping, the idea of learning how to do it properly can feel a bit intimidating at first. There seems to be a lot of paraphernalia involved, including e-liquids.

It’s the e-liquids that provide the flavour and/or nicotine every time you vape. There are literally hundreds of flavours and strengths available (check out our own ranges) and it’s this aspect of vaping that people love because they can’t get it with traditional smoking. But e-liquids need to be handled with care, from storage to disposal. So here’s our handy checklist showing you how to choose, use and dispose of your e-liquids with care.


E-liquids are classed as consumables, and just like any other consumable, they have a best before date. Yes, e-liquids can go “bad”. There are three main factors that will affect an e-liquid’s shelf-life: the flavourings and colours used (some last longer than others); the container it’s stored in (e-liquids last longer in glass bottles than plastic ones); and how you store it (see below) some eliquids, mostly desert flavours have actually been found to improve with age just like a fine wine!

So when buying your e-liquids have a look at the expiry date and only go ahead IF you think you’ll get good use out of it beforehand, especially if you’re trying something new.


If your current e-liquid has passed its expiration date, that doesn’t mean you should automatically just throw it away. As with most consumables, expiration dates on e-liquids are guidelines, not rules. They can stay fresh after their expiry dates, and equally they can go bad before them. Use your common sense and exercise your senses of sight, smell and taste. If the colour, smell or taste has changed, then it’s probably time to get rid of it (see below about safe disposal – do NOT chuck it down the sink!).

An e-liquid that’s passed its sell-by date won’t necessarily be harmful, but it might not give you the same amount of pleasure and satisfaction you were used to. Plus, if your e-liquid has nicotine, this can also start to fade which may be a problem if you’re using vaping to kick a smoking habit. A lower nicotine level can lead to increased withdrawal symptoms, so if your vaping habits haven’t changed but your withdrawal symptoms have intensified, check the bottle to make sure the e-liquid is still in date.


Heat breaks down e-liquids and can leave the solutions flavourless and with low levels of nicotine, so the best way to store them is in cool, dark places like boxes with lids, draws, or a cabinet where they can be kept away from direct sunlight. Take a note of the expiry dates before you store your e-liquids so that you can use them in plenty of time.


Do not – repeat – do NOT pour unused or expired e-liquids down the sink. E-liquids contain chemicals and nicotine that can contaminate the water table and so are classed as hazardous waste. If you’ve just changed your mind about the flavour, we offer a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee on selected Dispergo products and we’ll exchange it for free.

Or, you can ask your family and friends if they’d like to take your unwanted e-liquid off your hands. Some County Councils offer an e-liquid disposal site. Or failing all that, you can pour the e-liquid into cat litter, coffee grounds, wood chippings or sawdust, all great for absorbing the liquid safely before wrapping it in a biodegradable bag and depositing it in the bin.

Finally, recycle your e-liquid bottle where you can. Plastic bottles should display a symbol showing the type of plastic they are made from. Use this to identify which type of plastic is in the e-liquid bottle, give it a good clean then recycle it in the correct bin.

We’re all for responsible vaping here at Dispergo, and you can always contact us if you have any questions.

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