Best Vape Starter Kits of 2023 So Far


As more and more people are looking to quit smoking, the demand for quick and simple vaping solutions has never been so high. Currently, disposables are among the most popular vaping products since they simply need to be removed from the box, and they’re good to go. Despite this, there has been a recent uproar about disposable vapes since they’re no friend of the environment. As a result, we could be seeing a ban on ELFBARs very soon in the UK.

Therefore, more and more vapers will be looking to shift from disposable vapes to vape starter kits. A starter kit requires the vaper to fill or switch out pods. This is still a straightforward process, and it means that batteries aren’t being thrown into landfill as often.

If you’ve been vaping disposables for some time or you’re completely new to vaping, the variety of starter kits out there can seem intimidating. To that end, Dispergo Vaping has come to the rescue with our best vape starter kits of 2023 so far…



The LOST VAPE URSA NANO PRO is the latest device in the URSA NANO range, with a 900mAh battery that will comfortably last a day. It has an adjustable wattage option on its LED screen, which is an advanced feature in comparison to common mouth-to-lung devices. The device can provide 25 watts, which is high for a traditional compact device. Additionally, it has a puff counter so you can keep on top of how much you are vaping. The pods are straightforward; simply fill up a pod with your e-liquid of choice and vape using the auto draw or by using the button. When the pod runs low on e-liquid, refill it, or when it tastes burnt, throw the pod away and replace it with a new one. This device also offers an empty cartridge in which you can use UB Mini coils. The device retails for £24.99 with a FREE 10ml e-liquid!

Check out the URSA NANO PRO device here!

Doric Q by VOOPOO

VOOPOO has blessed us with a fresh device that retails at only £7.99 and comes with a FREE Dispergo nic salt e-liquid of your choice. This device is an extremely affordable option when it comes to mouth-to-lung starter kits. The device can be used with pods, which have the coil included and simply need to be filled with e-liquid or can be used with the ITO replacement cartridge where you change the coils. The device has 800mAh, so it should comfortably last you all day on one charge. This device has a similar toke to a disposable device, so it is a great option if you are looking to save money by using a device rather than disposable devices.

See the VOOPOO Doric Q device here!




VAPORESSO’s XROS Mini 3 is the latest in the XROS Mini range and is super easy to use with leak-resistant pods. It has a 1000mAh battery, which is an impressive battery size for how compact the device is. The device is super simple, with no buttons at all! In fact, it works on inhale activation alone. The pods come in a range of resistances, so you can choose your favourite.

Moreover, they are clean and easy to fill; the mouthpiece snaps off to reveal the filling port. As a result, you can fill the pod and refill as you wish until a burning taste comes through, and then responsibly dispose of the pod and replace it with a new one. Each pod should last about a week, so it is a much more cost-effective option than using disposables.

See the XROS Mini 3 here!

See the XROS pods here!


For all you disposable lovers looking for a super easy alternative, the ELFBAR ELFA pod kit is a fantastic option. The device is only £7.99 and comes with a 2ml pre-filled Blue Razz Lemonade pod. It is rechargeable and should last all day on one charge. These devices are super easy; simply replace the pods once they are burnt out. The ELFBAR ELFA pods come in a huge range of flavours, including the popular flavours you can find in ELFBAR 600 puff devices: Blue Razz Lemonade, Strawberry Ice Cream, ELFbull and many, many more. Each pod contains 2ml of e-liquid, equivalent to 600 puffs. The ELFA pods are £5.99 for two, which is much more cost-effective and better for the environment than ElfBar 600s.

Check out the ELFA Vape kit here!

Check out the ELFA pod flavours here!


GOTEK X by Aspire

The Aspire GOTEK X is a unique-looking device perfect for beginners looking to quit smoking. This device retails at only £10.99 and comes with a FREE Dispergo nic salt of your choice. It is rechargeable and should last at least a day on one charge. The device works with an inhale activation, similar to a cigarette. The GOTEK uses pods that have internal coils, so there is no messiness. To fill a pod, just unplug the rubber stopper and fill it with some 50/50 e-liquid and put the stopper back in, put it onto the vape, vape away, and refill the pod when the juice runs low. Responsibly dispose of the pod when it begins to taste burnt and replace it with a new one. Simple as that!

Check out the Aspire GOTEK X device here!



Still need some help?

If you’re still unsure about which vape starter kit is for you, Dispergo Vaping is on hand to help. Contact us for further advice and guidance about which vape starter kit is best for you.