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Fruity, juicy flavours are always guaranteed with Unreal2, whether it be through shortfills or the brand’s newly developed e-liquid nicotine salts. From sweetness to sharpness, the brand provides the freshest tastes suited to all manner of palates. Discover more about Unreal2’s salt nic juices and shortfills below and find your next favourite.


Unreal2 Nic Salt Juice

Unreal2 provides some of the best fruit nic salts for almost immediate satisfaction thanks to the quick nicotine absorption. What sets nicotine salts apart from standard free base e-liquids is that they provide the vaper with a somewhat smoother throat hit. For example, a free base of 20mg/ml wouldn’t deliver a comfortable experience, while in a nicotine salt, the sensation will mirror a 12mg free base.

Nicotine salts are best paired with MTL vapes, as they have an elevated Propylene Glycol content of roughly 50%. Consequently, the liquid may leak when added to a sub-ohm kit, not to mention the vaper will take in far too much nicotine from a mouth-to-lung hit.

Nicotine salts provide users with a completely innovative way of vaping, which is why Unreal2 developed its range. The super-charged nature of nicotine salts means your cravings will be satisfied in as little as six seconds. Meanwhile, the high concentration means that less nicotine salt is required.

Unreal2 Vape Shortfills

As suggested by the name, shortfill bottles aren’t filled to the brim. This is because shortfills are zero-nicotine e-liquids, meaning that nicotine shots can be added to the bottle. Consequently, shortfills are the ideal solution for those who wish to buy larger volumes of their favourite flavours and add your own nicotine.

The beauty of Unreal2 having developed its nicotine salt range is that these salts can be added to the Unreal2 shortfills, providing you with a stronger flavour than you’d receive from a standard shortfill.

Although nicotine salts are most appropriately used in MTL kits, when being used in conjunction with shortfills, we recommend using them with DTL vapes. This is down to the elevated Vegetable Glycerine content of 70-80% found in shortfills, which can cause coils in MTL kits to burn out.


Unreal2 is renowned for its fruity flavours, including:

  • Dark Grape and Bubblegum
  • Lemon and Raspberry
  • Passionfruit and Grapefruit
  • Pineapple and Passionfruit
  • Strawberry and Peach

Each of these flavours can be found in the form of nicotine salts and shortfills alike.

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