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Unreal 3 Vape E-Liquid

Any vaper who’s after fresh and fruity flavours must consider our collection of Unreal3 E-liquids. The wide array of unique tastes blows away the rest of the competition, as a refreshing burst of sweetness is guaranteed with every puff. From tangy citrus aromas to the sweet flavour of berries, Unreal3 caters to all palates.

Each of our 100 ml Unreal 3 E-liquids costs £15 individually; however, we also offer a deal in which you can purchase two E-liquids for just £25! Read on to discover more about the range.


Blue Hawaiian

First up is Unreal3’s Blue Hawaiian flavour, which is otherwise known as blue raspberry and coconut ice. Its taste is especially unique, thanks to the special blend of tangy blue raspberry and creamy coconut. Blue Hawaiian is the perfect contender for an exciting and exotic flavour.

The Blue Hawaiian Unreal3 shortfills themselves don’t contain nicotine; however, it’s possible to get your hands on two free 18 mg nicotine shots! All you need to do is select this option from the drop-down before adding the item to your cart.

Grape and Pineapple

Unreal3’s Grape and Pineapple flavour perfectly treads the balance between the rich taste of dark grapes and the citrusy sweetness of pineapple. To complete the delicious aroma, a touch of ice is also incorporated. Grape and Pineapple is ideal for any sweet-toothed vaper.

As with Blue Hawaiian, Grape and Pineapple doesn’t contain nicotine within the E-liquid itself. Therefore, those looking for a nicotine fix will need to add their free nicotine shots before heading to their cart.

Mango and Passionfruit

Now, for the tropical lovers, Unreal3’s Mango and Passionfruit shortfill is the ultimate solution. This E-liquid delivers a tasty blend of fresh and juicy mango with sweetly aromatic passionfruit. The flavour is completed with just a drop of ice in order to balance out the intensely sweet flavours.

Similarly, nicotine isn’t included within these shortfills, meaning nicotine shots will need to be added prior to purchase.

Pineapple and Lemon Lime

Sickly sweetness isn’t for everyone, which is why Unreal3 also provides a sharp flavour in the form of Pineapple and Lemon Lime. This refreshing citrus medley contains candied pineapple, fresh lemon, zesty lime, and just a drop of ice. Talk about a palate cleanser!

Much like Unreal3’s other flavours, Pineapple and Lemon Lime doesn’t contain nicotine within the E-liquid itself. As a result, those requiring a nicotine fix will need to add their free nicotine shots before proceeding to their cart.

Raspberry and Tangerine

Last, but certainly not least, is Unreal3’s Raspberry and Tangerine shortfill. This flavour perfectly combines the taste of tangy raspberries and sweetly juicy tangerines, all topped off with the coolness of crushed ice. Perfect for those who are keen to experience a touch of sharpness.

Finally, Raspberry and Tangerine also doesn’t contain nicotine, meaning these shots will need to be added upon adding the item to your cart.

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